Your New Option for Living Off Campus in Gainesville

Best Off Campus Living Options in Gainesville, FL

Living off campus is a big decision for both parents and students. There are a wide variety of off campus living options for those who attend the University of Florida. Gainesville has a wide selection of apartments, privately owned homes and other options for off campus living. But they can have a lot of pitfalls. Here are just a few.

Off Campus Leases

Many times off campus leases from individual property owners will require the commitment from at least one parent to sign for the lease. That means, should another student decide to leave or otherwise default on the lease, the parent signing the lease is on the hook. This is not something you want to be a situation to be responsible for.

There can also be a problem with finding compatible roommates. Many times students get together at an orientation or other early on-campus activities and decide to become roommates. We have all seen these relationships quickly go south.

While student housing needs to be affordable, it needs to be conducive to learning. Many housing options provide cheap places to live and sleep but are not so compatible for getting a degree. Is it prudent to spend so much on college and try to skimp on living expenses?

Living Off Campus: The Retreat Alternative

Living off campus at The Retreat at Gainesville provides a viable and affordable alternative. Our community is created to enhance the college and learning experience. It is designed to reduce stress and to have students feel comfortable in their new life. They have access to fun activities without leaving their community. An exceptional Club Room has everything from pool to video games to large screen TVs for sharing the big game. A large pool helps them take advantage of the Florida weather. There is volleyball, an outdoor pavilion and green spaces where pets are welcome.

Can you afford this style of living? When you consider that we offer one to six bedroom cottages you bet you can. We offer a roommate matching service to help you connect with roommates you will get along with. Since each roommate is responsible for their own portion of the lease, no one single parent is on the hook.

The most important part of living at The Retreat at Gainesville, however, may be what a terrific place it is to learn. Students have community-wide Wi-Fi access, group study areas, and they can learn while relaxing on our pool deck. Is this your father’s college living? No. It takes it to the next level.

Learn More Today

We are currently leasing space at The Retreat at Gainesville for the Fall of 2016. Contact usand let’s discuss why living off campus is best done at The Retreat. If you are or have a University of Florida student attending classes in the fall of 2016, schedule a visit or call us. You will be amazed at how far college living has come when you see what we can offer at The Retreat at Gainesville.

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