Types Of Student Housing

UF Student Housing

Attempting to find a place to live in Gainesville may seem daunting at first. There are so many various options, locations and prices to consider when looking for student housing near UF. It is important to find the option that best suits your needs and desires because you will have to commit to living there for an extended period of time.

Here is an analysis of the student living Gainesville, FL, has to offer:

On Campus Housing In Gainesville, FL

Living on campus has both pros and cons. The most obvious advantage is the proximity of your dorm to your classes. You are able to leave for class later and you can even return to your room in between courses if you want to. When you live on campus, you will also be surrounded by students which eases the process of making friends and becoming connected to the university. You may need to go to the dining halls every day for food or cook in your common room. Either option provides opportunities to meet new people. However, the dorms are quite small. Depending on the dorm you choose, you will have to get accustomed to living in tight quarters. Sometimes you may even share a room with another person whether you know them or not. On-campus housing also tends to be more expensive than the off campus equivalent. Because of the rules and regulations set in place, you will also have less independence. It is important to review the university’s guidelines before you make a decision to ensure you can agree to these policies.

Off Campus Housing Near UF

If you choose to live off campus, you will enjoy more freedom and can be in control of what restrictions you place. Most likely, you will also not be sharing a room with someone else, so you can have your own room. You are also able to get a year-long housing contract so you will not have to move all of your stuff out right after finals. Typically, while you live in a dorm, it can be closed during certain holidays and you can not access it until the residence opens again. But, if you live off campus near UF, you can access your home whenever you want.

At The Retreat at Gainesville, students can enjoy their individual freedoms while still residing close to UF’s campus. From The Retreat, your commute can be completed in just minutes, rather than waiting for inconvenient bus schedules.

Gainesville Student Apartments

Renting an apartment is a popular choice for college students who wish to live off campus. Installment payments tend to be cheaper than living in a house; some complexes even offer to cover a lot of your utilities. UF student apartments frequently have access to a landlord who will make repairs if anything breaks. This is extremely convenient, because not only will you not have to pay for repairs, but you will also not have to pay for the labor or attempt to do it yourself. Some off campus student apartments will also provide complimentary amenities such as a pool, gym, and common areas. Some even provide social activities where you can meet people and invite your friends and family.

Unfortunately, in apartments near UF, you will also find that you will have other people living all around you. In cheaper apartments, you may hear neighbors walking around above you, or neighbors playing loud music beside you. This definitely has the potential to inconvenience you. If you have a pet, it may be more difficult to find apartments that allow you to keep them while providing enough space to make sure they get the exercise required. Complexes are also equipped with limited parking spots, so sometimes, it may be difficult to find parking for all of your friends.When you choose to live at The Retreat at Gainesville, you’ll find pet-friendly accommodations with plenty of green space to allow your pets to romp and play. In addition, we provide luxury amenities such as our one-of-a-kind swimming pool. And for those students who prefer their privacy, each resident has a private room and private bath, so even with 5 roommates, you still have your own space. Our student living cottages are also soundly built, so you don’t have to worry about your neighbor’s noise keeping you awake before a big exam or playoff.

Townhouses In Gainesville, FL

Townhouses, in comparison to other forms of student housing in Gainesville, FL, offer more space than an apartment. With this extra space comes more responsibility. Your utilities may increase somewhat and you will be required to do a bit more cleaning. Townhouses are located in areas with a homeowner association which will take care of the maintenance of outdoor areas such as landscaping. However, you will most likely have at least one neighbor on one side which may cause frustrating sound pollution. Most often, townhouses also come with access to amenities such as a pool or a fitness center. Security in townhouses is normally pretty high because they are often located in a gated community.

Renting A House In Gainesville, FL

Another form of student housing Gainesville has to offer is renting a house. If you rent a house, you will definitely have more space to live in. This means, that you have the potential for more of your friends to live with you if you so desire, and each person will receive not only more living space but more storage. You will also have more privacy in a larger residence. When living in a house, you might have a yard which you can use to lounge or grill food, something most dorm students miss out on. Because your house is freestanding, you will not have to share walls with neighbors, which means that you will not be as affected by their TVs or music.

In relation to other forms of Gainesville student housing, houses are bigger, so you will have more areas to clean. You will also need to figure out if the person whom you give installment payments to will hire services to make repairs or mow the lawn. If they do not, there may be both costly and time-consuming considerations. If you rent a house, you may also need to consider that you might be surrounded by families. They will be more sensitive to noise, and therefore, if you have a louder lifestyle, you might want an area that predominantly houses college students.

For those UF students looking for a house to rent in Gainesville, FL, you may want to reconsider. The Retreat at Gainesville offers nearly all of the benefits of living in a house with none of the disadvantages. Here you’ll find:

  • sturdy student cottages that keep noise at bay
  • plenty of green space for lounging & play
  • a porch or deck for outdoor entertaining (depending on cottage floorplan)
  • well-kept lawns and landscaping
  • abundance of storage

Live At The Retreat At Gainesville

In Gainesville, the prevalence of student housing options means that you are much more likely to find a solution that best fits your lifestyle and budget. Take time to consider the advantages and disadvantages of your options. Then, visit possible Gainesville student apartments, houses, townhomes, and dorms so you can make the best choice and optimize your experience in Gainesville.

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