University of Florida: Not All Apartments Near Campus Are Alike

These UF Apartments Aren’t Like The Others

If you’ve been looking for apartments near campus in Gainesville, there are plenty of options. Being near campus may be the only thing they have in common. Sure, location is important, but when choosing where a student will live, there are many, many other things to consider.

An Atmosphere Conducive to Learning

One of the critical elements to consider when selecting an off campus apartment in Gainesville, FL is that it has an atmosphere that enhances the learning experience. Not all buildings are designed with that thought in mind. Many were built to maximize return on investment. Many were constructed decades ago when less thought was given to creating such an environment. The Retreat at Gainesville is built to help students make the most of the college experience. The community has high speed Wi-Fi throughout. Group study areas are available. Cottages are built without upstairs or downstairs neighbors, creating a more peaceful, quiet place to live. The Retreat at Gainesville was constructed with University of Florida students in mind.

Modern, Efficient, Living Space In Apartments Near Campus

The Retreat at Gainesville is built using high-grade materials and energy efficiencies. This allows for more energy efficient apartments. Ceiling fans help circulate cooled air. Energy efficient windows help reduce energy use. We’ve given every thought to helping reduce energy costs.

An Abundance of Amenities At Apartments Near Campus

Why are amenities so important in college living? It is because students learn better when they are comfortable and relaxed. Having amenities in an apartment community can encourage students to spend more time “at home”. That’s why we’ve invested in resort-style amenities at The Retreat at Gainesville. These include a large beautiful outdoor pool, pavilion for tailgating and volleyball area. We’ve included green areas where students can toss a blanket a grab a book. We have a large clubhouse with the latest in fitness equipment, widescreen TVs and game tables. There are organized spontaneous activities to help students socialize and build a network of friends that can last a lifetime.

Compare the Small Things At Apartments Near Campus

Many times the difference in apartments near campus in Gainesville is a collection of the small things. The Retreat at Gainesville, for example, helps improve safety and security with limited access, privacy fences and security systems. Monitoring is available at an additional fee. There is near-the-front-door parking.

We are a pet friendly community, which can be reassuring. All tenants are individually responsible for their portion of the lease, eliminating financial drama. We even have a roommate matching service to help keep rent more affordable. It is a combination of all these “small” things which add up to The Retreat at Gainesville being an excellent choice in apartments near campus of the U of F.

Leasing Now for the Fall of 2016

Now is the time to secure your space in this exceptional community with apartments nearest to UF’s campus. Contact us today and reserve your place when The Retreat opens for the fall of 2016.

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