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The University of Florida strives to facilitate the needs of its students. A student's time needs to be well-rounded and therefore offers many services in order to allow undergraduates to thrive academically, physically and socially.

Counseling Resources At UF

The University of Florida understands how difficult the college experience can be. There are many social stressors and uncertainty about the future. Students are given access to the Counseling and Wellness Center, which provides emergency counseling on the phone or by walk-in appointments, online anxiety therapy, testing for disorders, group and individual counseling. These services help students to remain mentally healthy.

Advising offices are divided by colleges and have the ability to help you figure out a schedule for classes, how to switch majors and figure out if you are on track to graduate. Make an appointment with your advisor in order to ensure you have a beneficial academic plan. The Disability Resource Center helps students who have learning, physical, or psychological disabilities. They can support you in seeking equal access to educational courses and advocate on your behalf for representation.

UF’s Career Resource Center helps you to figure out the next step in order to get a job. The advisers understand how stressful it is to leave college and begin your career. To facilitate this transition, they offer services such as helping you explore majors, performing mock interviews, reviewing your resume, and connecting with potential employers through career showcases.

Student Housing On UF Campus

Every student has a different desire when it comes to finding a place to live. University of Florida student housing offers students the convenience of living close to classes. Dorms allow students to interact with others, and Resident Assistants organize events in order to facilitate social interaction. There are a variety of different styles and sizes of dorms to suit your preference. You will be able to find options that allow you to share a room or have your own and also different locations on campus.

With such a large quantity of students, not everyone will be able to live on campus, so UF provides an off campus housing search. This helps you find the best UF apartments that meet your needs. There is a multitude of off campus housing options, so with a little research, you can find the perfect choice. UF provides a complimentary bus system that provides transportation to campus for those who have to commute from an apartment to make it a bit easier.

Safety On Campus

The University of Florida considers the safety of its students to be of the utmost importance. It has one of the largest police forces on campus in the country. UF Alerts are texted to every student’s phone in the case of an incident. With real-time updates, information is able to be communicated quickly if there is a weather issue, theft or physical attack.

No one should feel uncomfortable walking to their UF housing at night. That is why UF provides SNAP. This service grants students the option for a walking escort or a van ride home for free. Outdoor emergency telephones are placed on bright blue poles and strategically positioned around campus. When using these telephones, you will be put in immediate contact with a police dispatcher. If you are in an emergency situation, this allows you to communicate quickly with the University of Florida Police Department and it will also show them your precise location.

Fitness Options At UF

Health is extremely important for college students. That is why the University of Florida provides two state-of-the-art fitness centers for UF students. Southwest Recreation Center and Student Recreation and Fitness Center allow Gators to find excellent workout equipment for no additional charge. These locations also conduct various exercise classes that encourage undergraduates to workout. RecSports lists several options for physical activity. A variety of fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, and swimming pools motivate students to find a method of getting exercise that is also fun. There are also a variety of intramural sports that promote activity while Gators meet people who share the same interests. At Lake Wauburg, you can sail, kayak, canoe, water ski, and rock climb.

Student Activities In Gainesville, FL

Everyone wants to have a memorable college experience. A contributing factor to making lasting memories are the friends you have. It may be difficult at first to build friendships so make sure to take advantage of social activities. UF prides itself in having more than 1,000 different student organizations. Find a club that coincides with your interests. Involvement in student organizations will not only help you meet new people, but it will also build your résumé.

Whether you live in an apartment or dorm, most Gainesville student living options host social activities. While these may seem intimidating, they will introduce you to new people. Gator Nights is a fun event sponsored by UF. Every Friday night you can watch a new movie, enjoy refreshments and partake of the crafts and activities provided. And it’s all completely free! This is a fun way to spend your Friday night without hurting your wallet. Look up Gator Nights for a schedule of weekly events.

Of course, you also can’t forget attending sports events. The University of Florida is nationally ranked for many of its various competitive sports. Most games are free for UF students, with the only exception being football. So spend your time cheering on the Gator football team in the Swamp, our gymnastics team, baseball team or many others.

Overall, UF works hard to ensure that students have a well-rounded experience. In order to get the most out of your time here, use the services the University of Florida provides; join a dancing club, get advice for your future, live in apartments near UF and cheer on your favorite Gator sports team. In addition to all of these amazing amenities, there are also many features in Gainesville that will enhance your experience.

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