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Roommate Matching For Apartments

Most Gainesville apartments for rent offer students individual leases. Individual leases allow for residents to pay for only their room and part of the utility costs, rather than the entire unit. This is a great option, since you’ll only be responsible for your share, even if your other roommates leave or rooms are left vacant. If you don’t have a roommate chosen when signing your lease; however, it’s very common for complexes to assign new roommates to a unit to fill the vacant rooms. The way they go about this is usually through roommate matching. For students new to UF housing, the concept of roommate matching may be a new one. The Retreat at Gainesville provides off campus apartments Gainesville, FL, students can rent for an incredible living experience.

What is Gainesville Roommate Matching?

Roommate matching is a process that apartment complexes use in order to place random roommates together. In order to try to avoid complications between roommates, roommate matching attempts to place students with similar lifestyles and interests. This often works for both sides because the apartment complex is able to fill every unit, and students are able to live with other people with whom they get along, rather than someone with a completely different lifestyle. For example, a student who is clean and has an early sleeping schedule will most likely not be matched with a more disorganized student who likes to stay up late.

How Does the Roommate Matching Process Work?

Roommate matching is performed through a survey that is given to students who lack roommates and will be moving into a unit. The surveys are designed to ask key questions about your style of living, including things like cleanliness, study habits, sleeping schedule, open to pets, etc. The surveys are then carefully examined and matched with another survey that has similar answers. It is highly important to answer the questions truthfully so that future altercations don’t arise between roommates. Answer the questions based on the type of lifestyle you live now, not the type you think you could possibly adapt to in the future.

Advantages of Living with a Roommate

While many students may be hesitant about living with an unknown student, roommate matching tends to have very favorable results. Living with another person is a good way of having company when making the transition from living in your house to an apartment so that the change doesn’t feel drastic. For those students new to the city, who don’t know anyone, a roommate is a great way to make a quick friend and explore the city together. Many people make strong friendships with their roommates that last well beyond their college years.

Getting Along With Your Roommate

Unfortunately, there may be times when complications arise between you and your roommate, but it is important to try to maintain a good relationship, since roommate changes cannot always be granted. The most important thing to do to avoid possible issues is to communicate clearly with each other. Right from the beginning, let your roommate know of any things that bother you or any reasonable rules that you would like to have established. Also, be open to compromising. Many of the issues that arise will only be resolved through compromising. For example, if your roommate likes to play loud music, but you like for it to be quiet in order to sleep or study, then maybe you can set times after which your roommate should turn the music off. Remember that the apartment isn’t just yours; you both live there and need to respect each other.

Off Campus Apartments for Rent in Gainesville, FL

Just like moving to a new city for college, living with a new person is an experience that you can choose to make the most out of. Many students find that they enjoy living with someone else during their college years. If you’re looking for student apartments near UF, visit The Retreat at Gainesville. We provide high-end student apartments for resort-style living.

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