Students spend, on average, four years in college during which they learn the skills needed to form the foundation to begin their careers. However, college is also about building lifelong friendships and making lasting memories. The apartment you live in contributes to this experience greatly and can be a positive or negative experience. Luxury student living has the potential to enhance your college life experience and allow it to be more enjoyable while providing the necessary resources to perform well academically.

What Is High-Class Student Living?

Many people have heard of it, but do they actually know what it is? Luxury student living can be defined as housing that caters to residents in order to provide a balanced lifestyle. In order to facilitate learning during one of the best periods in your life, you deserve to have your student apartments in Gainesville cater to your individual desires. That’s why you’ll find that the best student apartments offer plenty of “extras” on-site, such as gyms, pools, and areas for relaxing and studying.

While some students may prefer to live in an apartment that offers only the bare minimum, others are experiencing the advantage of having almost everything they need right at home.

National Trend Of Luxury Student Housing

Over the past few years, there has been an increasing number of students who turn down dorms or standard apartments in favor or luxurious apartments. Students have higher standards, and more access to funds, than generations of the past and companies are responding. An abundance of luxury apartments is being built to meet the demand. There is no reason to choose the cramped and dull student apartments Gainesville undergraduates have grown accustomed to when you have access to an environment that will facilitate your experience academically, socially and physically. Students report they feel the vast array of amenities allow them to feel comfortable, and when they do study they are able to focus better.

Amenities Available To Students

Though every luxury apartment will be slightly different, there are some amenities that tend to be common among luxury student apartments near UF.

Computer Lounges

24-hour computer labs are one of the must-have aspects of UF student apartments. Schoolwork is often a priority for UF students, and sometimes that will require long nights. Slow WiFi or loud roommates will only make studying more difficult. However, access to computer labs and private study areas allow you to find the quiet you need to focus. Using the lounges at your complex is also more convenient than commuting to on-campus libraries or going to a coffee shop. Free printing is often offered at these locations which saves you the cost of buying your own printer, ink, and paper.

Fitness Centers

For many college students, physical activity and health are a daily focus. Luxury apartments provide complementary state-of-the-art gyms to provide you with the equipment you need to stay in shape. Regularly using the fitness center at your complex will help you avoid the travel time to your university’s crowded gym. Some UF apartments even provide yoga and fitness instruction. Not only is exercise helpful for maintaining your health, but studies show that physical activity improves the ability to remember new information which is helpful when studying.

Clubhouse & Pool

Luxury student housing near UF almost always offer a pool and clubhouse. Resort-style pools, cabanas and grilling locations, like those featured at The Retreat at Gainesville, are perfect for studying by the pool or relaxing on a weekend.

Clubhouses are diverse in their functions. They often have amenities such as high-definition TVs, pool tables, and arcade-style games. Comfy chairs and a working kitchen give you the option to relax in style. These luxuries will make your apartment the favorite hangout spot of your friends.

Expansive Floorplans

While having elegant and entertaining common areas are advantageous, the layout of your living area is crucial. Luxury apartments feature modern suites that are spacious in order to prevent you from feeling cramped and give you the privacy you need. Stylish kitchens, flooring, and appliances help students feel more comfortable at home than in standard Gainesville apartments. You will find yourself wanting to spend more time in your apartment rather than avoiding it.

When you visit a luxury student housing complex in Gainesville, check the quality of the construction. For example, at The Retreat at Gainesville, student cottages are built so that residents aren’t bothered by next-door neighbors or pets. The Retreat at Gainesville not only offers superior construction but the spacious cottage floorplans so that even a 6-bedroom apartment doesn't feel cramped.

On-Site Security

Parents may worry about their children moving out and living on their own. However, luxury student living provides technology that can help parents rest easy. Often, luxury apartments in Gainesville, FL, are gated communities in order to limit the number of people entering the complex to those who live there or are guests of residents. Security staff is also commonly present, and in the event that something does happen, they will be able to respond quickly. You may also find secure-access buildings, apartments or hallways that use electronic protocols for secured entry. Physical keys have the potential to be copied and used by unwanted individuals, but with the use of electronic entry, you will not encounter this problem.

Parking & Location

Parking can be quite frustrating if you are never able to find a spot or you are forced to park far away from your apartment. Luxury student living traditionally tries to prevent this inconvenience by providing personalized parking spots, underground parking, or an abundance of parking spots right outside your door. A prime location is also important. If your Gainesville student housing complex is far from campus, it will be inconvenient to commute back and forth. But, if it is within walking distance or only a short bus ride away, your experience will be radically improved.

Live In Off Campus Housing At The Retreat At Gainesville

Overall, luxury student living is the prime choice for today’s students in college. The vast array of amenities allow students to feel comfortable and all of their needs are met. Living in crowded dorm rooms and standard apartments are an unnecessary hassle when students have the option to live in a luxury. Luxury student living provides the best apartments in Gainesville for UF students. Do not settle for anything less than the best. Find the apartment that best fits your desires and begin enjoying your college experience the right way at The Retreat at Gainesville.

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