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Choosing to Live In A Gainesville Apartment Or House

One of the most common questions that students have when planning on moving to a new city is whether they should rent a house or an apartment. Each student will be different, and the best type of housing will depend on what they’re looking for. However, there are many misconceptions about renting a house that make it seem quite appealing to students, until they realize they weren’t true. The place where you choose to live can have a big impact on how you enjoy your college years, so it’s best to make the most informed decision before signing a lease. At The Retreat at Gainesville, we provide off campus apartments for rent near UF campus.

Myths Of Renting A House Instead Of An Apartment

Myth 1: Living in a House is Cheaper

Many people believe that renting a house is cheaper than renting an apartment. While rent for apartments by UF will likely be slightly more expensive than a house, most students forget to take utilities into consideration. Utilities in houses aren’t included in the rent, while apartments tend to have utilities included with a cap. Even if utilities aren’t included in an apartment, they still tend to be less expensive than in a house since a house is larger and uses more electricity and water. Houses also tend to be much older than apartment complexes, so they usually pull more power than apartments for the same tasks.

Myth 2: You Have Complete Freedom in a House

Many people believe that when living in a house, they will get to live by their own rules. While Gainesville apartments near UF do have certain rules that residents must abide by, such as what changes can be made to a unit, house renters actually deal with similar restrictions. Students who rent a house need to ask their landlords for permission for certain things like remodeling an area of the house, since the property is only being rented. Houses do provide more freedom than some apartments, but not complete freedom.

Myth 3: Neighbors Are Not A Worry In Houses

It’s true that in apartments noise from neighbors can be a problem, as the walls are often shared. However, when living in a house, you must still be considerate of your neighbors. Although you won’t be sharing walls, noise can still be an issue if you’re hosting parties every other night. Also, keep in mind that houses for rent tend to be in quieter family neighborhoods, so it’s not just students living there.

Myth 4: The More Space, The Better

A big reason why students choose houses is because they provide more space than apartments. Yet it’s easy to forget that a larger space also means more maintenance, more cleaning and as stated above, higher utility bills. There are also many student apartments available that provide students with spacious floorplans for just the right amount of space needed for comfortable living, without a bunch of extra work.

Myth 5: Living In A House Is More Comfortable

While comfort depends greatly on the individual, a big part of it comes from not having to worry about too many things. When renting a house, you have a lot more responsibilities than in an apartment, such as keeping up with maintenance, mowing the lawn, repairs, etc. In apartments, management is responsible for such issues, and the best part is that you don’t have to be financially responsible for such services, as they are included in your rent.

Off Campus Apartments Near UF

If you are considering living in an apartment as your option for student housing near UF, contact The Retreat at Gainesville today. We provide the best apartments in Gainesville, where students will have the ultimate, resort-style living experience. Our units and luxury amenities are designed to provide residents with everything they could want and need.

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