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Searching for UF Apartments

Are you attending the University of Florida in the fall of 2016? Are you in the middle of your search for apartments in Gainesville that will fit your lifestyle and budget? There are hundreds to choose from, and some do a very good job of showing up on search engines. But there is a new option you should be aware of. It is an option that can make your search easy. It is The Retreat at Gainesville, and you can be one of the first University of Florida students to live in this exceptional off campus housing option.

Imagine attending the University of Florida while you live in a resort-like setting that abounds in amenities. We are talking about one of the largest pools in the Gainesville, FL area, a modern fitness center, a large clubhouse with multiple wide-screen televisions, game tables, front door parking and more.  Before you make your final decision in your search for apartments in Gainesville, we encourage you to look closer at The Retreat at Gainesville.

What Makes The Retreat at Gainesville Different

First of all, The Retreat at Gainesville is brand new. That means, students deciding to live here in the fall of 2016 will be the first. They will experience all new appliances, wood flooring, and even in-apartment washers and dryers. There are efficient heating and cooling systems to keep students comfortable while keeping energy bills low. They will be among the first to swim in our large pool, enjoy our outdoor pavilion and share in our green spaces.

We’ve built The Retreat at Gainesville with University of Florida students in mind. That means there are no upstairs or downstairs neighbors. We’ve constructed our buildings to be energy efficient and to limit sound. You will feel how sturdy our apartments are when you enter the front door.  We are not only close to UF but we are a secure community with limited access.

Can You Afford Such Luxury?

When people read about The Retreat at Gainesville, many doubt that they can afford to live here. They assume they will end up with an old apartment or share a home with a variety of unknown roommates. That doesn’t have to be the case. When you start to compare, you can see the practicality of living at The Retreat.

The Retreat at Gainesville has living options for one to six roommates. Each roommate is responsible for his or her own portion of the lease. That means roommates aren’t bound financially by the behavior of those they live with.

Since the retreat has entertainment options unheard of in other options, students will spend less time spending money elsewhere. At The Retreat, students can play pool, cookout, play video games, swim, play volleyball, exercise, and enjoy their pets in our green spaces. They can do it without having to look far from home.

Don’t Delay in Your Search for Apartments: The Retreat at Gainesville Is Leasing NOW

We are leasing now for the fall of 2016. Contact us and see how luxury living is affordable at The Retreat at Gainesville. Don’t wait. Your search for apartments in Gainesville, FL just may be over.

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