TheRetreat at Gainesville Party Guide

Gainesville Party Guide

It is understandable that students want to have friends over to hang out and enjoy the freedom that accompanies weekends. However, these gatherings can quickly get out of control and it is beneficial to know the local laws. Before you invite friends to your Gainesville apartments near UF for your next party, consult this list to make sure you will not cause any trouble.

Limit Noise Levels

Noise is one of the biggest frustrations regarding parties. Inevitably, when you have a gathering of people, everyone must speak loud enough to hear each other talk and it quickly elevates to a level that irritates and inconveniences anyone else in the vicinity of your UF housing. The effective way to keep the noise down is to invite less people. Make your party invite-only so that you are better able to control the amount of people who show up. Additionally, make sure that you do not play your music too loud or have the base turned up too high which causes the sound to travel farther. The Gainesville Sound Ordinance prohibits sound that infringes on the peace of others nearby. This is especially true between the hours of 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.

Make Sure Everyone Drinking is Legal

Gainesville Police Department show no mercy when it comes to underage drinking. It is a serious, illegal matter that can quickly endanger students. If police are called to a party for any reason where alcohol is present, anyone in the Gainesville student housing that appears close to the age of 21 will be carded. It may be beneficial to only invite friends that you know are above 21 years old if you are serving alcohol to avoid any potential issues and prevent you from having to monitor who is drinking all night.

Remain Inside if Possible

Open container laws are very important to keep in mind when hosting a party. The Gainesville Police Department will strictly enforce this policy on any and all students. Even if you are 21 years old, you are not allowed to have alcohol on any roads or public property. In order to ensure that your guests are not infringing on this law, it may be best to keep them on your lawn, or even better, within your UF apartments. This is also an effective way to limit the amount of noise you are creating.

Cooperate With Authorities

In the event that the police do show up to your apartment, make sure that you fully cooperate. Do not attempt to treat them with any sort of disrespect. In most cases, they are showing up to warn you about noise complaints. In these scenarios, you will only receive a warning. However, if you react poorly or escalate the problem, you may receive a more serious consequence.

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