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Pros & Cons of Having Pets in College

Animals are selfless, fun and comforting. Why would you not want to have one while you are in college? There are actually several difficulties surrounding owning a pet as a college student. Therefore, it may be best to determine your priorities before you make the final decision about bringing your favorite companion to your Gainesville student apartments.

Reasons to Bring a Pet to Your Student Housing

No matter how long or difficult your day is, you will be greeted by a friendly face at the end of the day when you have a pet to come home to. Dogs can help you feel needed and desired whether you have a supportive group of friends or you are having difficulty meeting people. In fact, animals have been shown to help fight depression and elevate your mood. They are also a good way to fight the classic “Freshman 15” (or any other year). Animals must get exercise and be let out of your UF housing every day so you will be much more likely to get the physical activity your body needs.

Drawbacks to Having a Pet as a College Student

Animals require a lot of time because they must be let out, groomed, taken to the vet and receive plenty of attention. However, as a student, you may be limited in the time in the amount of time you have to spend. You will already face the challenges of balancing your schedule with studying, a job, social life and student involvement or thesis (if you are a graduate student). Adding a pet into the mix may be too overwhelming. Additionally, they can make your Gainesville student living situation much more difficult. If they make an abundance of noise, your neighbors will not be very happy and you may experience a strained relationship with both your neighbors and management because of it. Further, they can easily damage your apartment by staining the carpet or ruining walls and baseboards. When you move out of your apartments for rent in Gainesville, FL, you will be charged additional fees for cleaning and repairs that are associated with your furry companion.

Find Pet-Friendly Student Living

If you decide that having a pet is worth it, you will want to know this before you begin apartment hunting. Not all student apartments near UF are as accommodating when it comes to animals. The Retreat at Gainesville is the perfect choice for you because they allow pets and provide you with plenty of amenities to contribute to the perfect college experience. Call us today to take a tour!

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