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Reasons You Should Move to a New Gainesville Apartment

The time comes for every renter when they realize the UF housing they are currently living in is no longer what they want. When you realize this, do not waste time settling for anything less than the best. Instead, consider one of the many other housing options in Gainesville. The Retreat at Gainesville, for instance, has a variety of floorplans and amenities so that every student has what they are looking for.


Location is one of the top factors in satisfaction with University of Florida student housing. If you live far away from campus, you are only hurting yourself. As a student, you will need to travel to UF campus daily for class, study sessions and involvement in any clubs. The amount of time you spend travelling between your apartment and campus will quickly add up if you do not live closeby. If you are tired of spending all of your time on a bus or sitting in your car, consider apartments that are situated closer to campus.

Issues with Management

There is no excuse for poor management, but it still happens. Does your landlord unnecessarily bother you constantly infringing on your freedom? Are they generally rude and take a long time to return any of your calls or make repairs? If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with your property manager, it may be time to move somewhere to new student housing near UF. At the Retreat at Gainesville, you never have to worry about management. We do our best to respect your privacy and only enter your unit if absolutely necessary and we are more than happy to assist you with any problems you may have.

Not Enough Space

No one knows how it happens, but as humans, we tend to accumulate belongings. Before you know it, you no longer have room for anything else and you can never find a space to have alone time in your apartment. Once you move to The Retreat at Gainesville, you will not have this problem, because we give the choice of units that have one to six bedrooms and each has an accompanying private bathroom. No matter how many possessions you have or roommates you want to live with, we can find you an option that will provide you with enough space.

Wanting a Pet

Whether you found the perfect kitten at the shelter or your parents finally allowed you to bring your family dog with you to college, you will need to find Gainesville apartments near UF that allow you to have a pet. Unfortunately, many housing options will not let you have one so if you are considering getting a furry friend, you will have to relocate. The Retreat at Gainesville is the perfect choice. Our pet friendly apartment complex is the perfect spot for both you and your companion to enjoy a life of luxury.

Luxury Housing in Gainesville, FL

If you are searching for the best apartments in Gainesville, FL for UF students, choose The Retreat at Gainesville. We have spacious apartments, modern designs and a variety of floorplans. As a resident, you will get access to our clubhouse, resort-style swimming pool, volleyball courts and fitness center that will quickly make your place the favorite hang out spot among your friends.

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