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Choosing Off Campus Housing

If you are attending classes at the University of Florida in the Fall of 2016, you may be currently looking for student housing. The problem is, once you select your student housing choice and sign your lease, you will be committed to it for the school year. Here is a guide on how to choose off campus housing you won’t regret.

How To Choose Off Campus Housing

Location, location, location. One of the points of living off campus is to expand the college experience while still living close to classes. Choose living space that is convenient and won’t add to your travel time or expenses.
Make sure your housing choice has the space and privacy you need. Two of the biggest issues with student housing is space and privacy. Sharing common areas is one thing but you may want your own private bedroom and bath. Many housing units are built with housing units above and below and next to each other. This can lead to noisy, less private living. So, make sure you look at location when learning how to choose off campus housing.

Get the amenities you want to enjoy your time at home. Many students make the mistake of thinking they won’t spend much time at their apartment. The reality is, you will likely spent more time there than you think. Sometimes small things like balconies and patios can make the difference. But you may also want to put weight into other amenities like a pool, clubhouse and other community assets.

Look for versatility in housing choices. Most living choices are made based on budgets. Budgets can be stretched by adding roommates to share costs. Look for a community that has a wide-range of apartment sizes and one that offers a roommate matching service.

Check out the laundry facilities. It may not be at the top of your list now, but once in class you will understand the value of convenient laundry facilities. Few enjoy the process of hauling their laundry to and from the local laundry mat, and you probably wont either.

How important is a pet-friendly community? Do you have a pet you’ll be leaving behind that you may regret not taking with you? If you have a pet you really love and you will really miss, how to choose off campus housing may involve making sure it is a pet-friendly space.

Can you visualize yourself living there and feeling comfortable about it? If you want to know how to choose off campus housing you won’t regret, simply visualize yourself living there. Does the community you are considering feel secure and private? Does it feel vibrant and lively? Does it offer things to do? This is a place you will be calling home in the coming months. Can you see yourself looking forward to coming back to it every day after classes?

The Retreat at Gainesville

The Retreat at Gainesville opens for the very first time in the Fall of 2016. This modern, neighborhood-style community is built with cottage style apartments and townhomes that limit shared wall space. It is close to the University of Florida and was designed specifically for U of F students. When learning how to choose off campus housing, this is a neighborhood you want to learn about.

The amenities in this luxury off campus community are unprecedented. Each bedroom comes with its own private bath and walk-in closet. Kitchens feature stainless steel appliances and upgraded countertops. Every apartment has its own full-sized washer and dryer.

The Retreat at Gainesville features one of the largest resort-style pools in all of Gainesville. It has an outdoor pavilion, volleyball courts and lots of green space that make this pet-friendly community an exceptional place to live. The Clubhouse includes a state-of-the-art fitness center, group study areas, a game room, wide-screen televisions, and a coffee shop.

The Retreat at Gainesville features 2 to 6 bedroom units and a roommate matching service to help accommodate like-minded students. How to choose off campus housing you won’t regret should involve making sure each roommate is responsible for their own share of the lease.

The Retreat at Gainesville is a limited access community, built inside privacy walls. There is front-door parking for apartment units, and each apartment has its own security system. The Retreat offers 24 hour monitoring as an option. We think once you see what The Retreat at Gainesville has to offer, you will easily be able to visualize yourself living there.

The Retreat at Gainesville is now leasing for the first time in the Fall of 2016. The time to reserve your space is now. Let us show you the living options and the exceptional amenities that will be available for University of Florida students. If you really want to know how to choose off campus housing you won’t regret, you owe it to yourself to see the extraordinary apartments at The Retreat at Gainesville.

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