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Determining Your Budget For Rent

Once you begin looking for apartments in Gainesville, FL, you may lose track of your priorities. Each option is different from the next and costs various amounts. What can you actually afford? If you are feeling this way or you have not begun searching yet, take some time to think through it. Leases are binding legal contracts. Once you sign one, you are committed to paying that every month until the lease ends. This can be a real problem if you choose Gainesville student living that you cannot afford.

Calculate Student Apartment Rent

In the end, whether you are willing to spend a certain amount of money or not, your rent will depend on how much income you have. This may include grants, scholarships, a job or money you get from your parents. All of this will come into play when you are paying your rent. One simple way to calculate your possible rent for student housing near UF is to find out what 30 percent of your rent is. You can calculate this amount by adding up your total annual income, multiplying it by .3 and dividing it by 12. This will give you a certain budget for each month. However, this is only a loose suggestion. If you spend a lot of time in your apartment you may be willing to spend a bit more of your budget on rent or you may want to spend less if you are never home.

Weigh Budget with Benefits

You will want to consider more factors than what the apartment costs. What does your rent provide you with? Are any utilities or amenities included as well? If they are, you will be able to spend a bit more on rent because you will not be paying for these services separately. However, if your UF housing option only covers your rent, you will want to take that into account. Yet, you want to be careful not to push your budget too far. You always want to be prepared for unexpected costly items so you want to have some flexibility. What if something happens and you must pay for a plane ticket home on short notice or you have to pay for expensive car repairs? You want to have some extra money in your budget to account for these instances.

Affordable Apartments in Gainesville, FL

When you choose The Retreat at Gainesville, you will get to enjoy the many amenities as part of your rent. For example, you can enjoy tanning beds, fitness classes and gym, sauna, pool and computer lounge. You will be able to utilize these services when you would have to otherwise pay for them at other Gainesville student apartments.

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