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Relocation Guide

Though it is exciting to begin you new life as a Gator, you may have many questions about life in Gainesville. Here are some common questions that students before you have asked:

Do Gainesville apartments allow pets?

Making a transition to college is already difficult enough, you may not want to leave your pet behind either. There are apartments that allow you to bring with you, but you need to ask during your tours about whether or not they allow them. Some complexes may have a limit to the type or size of the animal you are allowed. There are UF housing options, such as The Retreat at Gainesville that is very pet friendly.

If I live too far from campus to walk, how do I get to class?

If you live farther from campus, there are many forms of transportation you can choose. You do have option to drive you car, but it will require a lot of gas and you may end up late to class because you are unable to find a parking space. You might also want to consider riding your bicycle. Not only will you be able to quickly travel around Gainesville without paying for gas, but you will get exercise simultaneously. The most popular choice is to use the RTS bus system. It free for all UF and Santa Fe students and reaches all major Gainesville apartments.

When my family visits me in Gainesville, where should I take them?

Out of town families will want to get an idea of what your life is like when you are away. Therefore, when they come to town, you will want to come up with plenty of things to keep them entertained. One option is to take them to the Museum of Natural History on campus. After you finish examining the many interesting exhibits, you can walk to the Butterfly Rainforest. It is filled with hundreds of butterflies that may land on you. Lake Alice is another possible option. You can walk on the nature trails or look at the beautiful Baughman Center. Most likely, you will even get to see an alligator. At sunset, you can walk across the street to the University of Florida Bat Barn where hundreds of bats fly out at the same time to hunt for food. Afterwards, you can take them to one of your favorite local restaurants.

If I have roommates, will I need to share a bathroom?

You may decide to live with roommates in your apartment. If you do, you may question whether you will have to share a bathroom. While this is not a problem for some, for others it is more than an inconvenience. In this case, you should consider luxury apartments near UF such as The Retreat at Gainesville, which allows each resident to have their own bathroom.

How do I ensure a good relationship with my roommate?

Living with another person has the potential to be a lot of fun or an impossible hassle. The best thing you can do is start off on the right foot. Most other students will be looking for relationships also, so if you attempt to initiate first, they will probably respond well. When you are both unpacking, ask them if they want to explore Gainesville with you or get some ice cream to celebrate the big move. Also, be sure to leave your bedroom door open and spend time in the common areas. These situations help to facilitate conversation which can lead to a friendship. Just remember to be open and friendly.

How can I lower my utility bill?

There are a lot of new responsibilities associated with moving away from home. Once your first utility bill comes in, you may be wondering how you can lower it. There are several simple steps you can take to save money. Turn off lights when you are not in the room and unplug electronics when you are not using them. Even when they are turned off, they can still consume energy in standby. Maintain moderate temperatures in your apartment and use fans or blankets to compensate.

What is the atmosphere like at apartment complexes?

If you are looking for a social apartment community, that is something important to ask about while you are touring. Luxury UF apartments offer activities and amenities that facilitate social interaction. The Retreat at Gainesville has a clubroom, volleyball courts and resort-style pool where you can meet other students. They will also host activities such as pool parties or barbecues that you can take advantage of to make friends.

How can I remain physically active in Gainesville?

Even while you are learning to cook for yourself and having late night snacks during study sessions, you want to maintain your health. There are many jogging trails throughout Gainesville that you can look up online if you enjoy running. You can also go to Lake Wauburg which allows UF students to swim, play volleyball, go boating and rock climbing. You will be having so much fun that you will not even realize you are being physically active. If exercise is really important to you, you might want to consider a Gainesville student living option that has a gym on the property. The Retreat at Gainesville has a modern fitness center that is open for residents 24 hours a day.

Do I need to get renters’ insurance?

When you are signing a housing contract, your complex will ask you if you want renters’ insurance. Getting it is completely up to you. However, it is important to know that if something happens to your possessions whether it is a burglary, natural disaster or fire, your landlord is not responsible. Therefore, without renters’ insurance you will be required to replace everything yourself. It may be smart to purchase it just to be safe.

Where are the best places to eat in Gainesville?

As a college town, there are plenty of delicious places to eat in Gainesville. Though it has all of the main chain restaurants, take some time and try some of the local places. Satchel’s Pizza is famous in Gainesville for their amazing pizza and unique atmosphere. Be aware that it is a bit farther away and you will need to bring cash. The Top is another student favorite. It is located downtown and is known for their burgers. If you are have a strong sweet tooth, be sure to order from Midnight Cookie. They have a variety of gourmet cookies and will deliver them to your door.

What are game days like near UF campus?

UF is known for their passionate Gator football fans. On game days, campus is taken over by students, both past and present. Everywhere you turn you will see people sporting orange and blue. Find friends and get the tailgating experience. Some of your best memories at UF will involve Gator football so make sure you make the most of it.

Will have enough space to invite friends over?

Every student wants an apartment they can feel comfortable inviting friends to hang out and have fun. If you live in a cramped apartment, this is just not possible. The Retreat at Gainesville offers spacious rooms, individual bathrooms and walk-in closets. You will always have sufficient room to invite guests over and find room for all of your possessions.

Are UF apartments secure?

One of the first thoughts in a parent’s mind when helping their child find an apartment is safety. This should definitely be a priority when considering various UF student apartments. Each apartment has their own protection in place. The Retreat at Gainesville, for instance, is a gated community which limits the amount of traffic to invited guests of residents. Further, electronic access is necessary for entry because physical copies are too easy to copy. As a parent, you can rest easy knowing your child is safe.

Should I buy a parking decal for UF?

Having a car is definitely a convenient way to travel. On campus at UF, a parking decal is required for all parking spots unless you pay by the hour. You must decide for yourself whether it is worth it for your lifestyle or not. Unfortunately, the number of parking spots are extremely limited making it difficult to find a spot. Therefore, if you want a reliable mode of transportation, you may want to consider the bus or the bike.

How can I make friends in Gainesville?

Gainesville is filled with thousands of students who are open to new friends. It is important to be proactive when attempting to make friendships. UF has many organizations you can join. This is the perfect opportunity to meet students who have the same interest that you do while you improve your resume. Also, take advantage of Gator Nights. It is an event held every Friday night at the Reitz Union. It features a new movie, free food and activities every week. You are sure to meet new people.

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