Getting accepted into a university is a big accomplishment! Once your parents drop you off in Gainesville, you may be wondering what North Central Florida has to offer. The city of Gainesville is the perfect complement to UF as students will find many amenities that will make their time in college easier and more enjoyable.

Guide To Gainesville: Museums

If you are looking for both an educational and entertaining activity, visit one of the museums located in Gainesville. The Harn Museum of Art is perfect if you enjoy studying or experiencing art as the museum holds many art exhibitions and displays that are educational, entertaining and inspiring.

Visit the Florida Museum of Natural History on a date or for a fun outing with your friends. The exhibits are very interesting and some of them are interactive. The museum has various displays such as a wall with shark jaws almost as big as a person and reconstructed prehistoric animal skeletons. It also includes a butterfly exhibit where you can see hundreds of butterflies in close proximity. This area is enclosed with anywhere from 60 to 80 species of butterflies. If you remain still, one may even come rest on you.

The Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo is perfect for those who enjoy animals. It is home to more than 75 different animal species. The shaded path is about a quarter of a mile — take some time to go enjoy the wildlife.

Types Of Housing

When moving to Gainesville, it is important to find the perfect UF housing for you. Due to the high volume of college students moving in every year, there are plenty of various options for you such as an apartment, dorm or house. Depending on your lifestyle and budget, you can find the perfect student housing. Dorms allow you to live in close proximity to campus for an easier commute and more social interaction.

Luxury apartments in Gainesville, FL, provide with you more privacy and facilitate a more enjoyable home life. Many luxury student housing options, such as The Retreat at Gainesville, offer incredible amenities such as spacious lawns, pools, computer lounges, gyms, spas, and even cafés!

Study Areas

Sometimes studying in a university library just will not cut it. Instead, you would rather find a comfortable place to review for your exams or just pass the time. Cymplify offers a cozy atmosphere to get a cup of coffee and study. They even have large bean bag chairs if you want to read a book in luxury.

Pascal’s Coffeehouse is another great choice. Its close proximity to University of Florida student housing on campus makes it ideal for students who may not have a car or do not want to commute to study. There are plenty of tables to choose from, but you may want to get there early for a secluded spot. They use bookshelves to create more private study rooms and the coffee is excellent. If you become a regular, be sure to get one of their punch cards for free cups of coffee.

If you do choose to study at Starbucks, make sure you go to a location downtown or in Tioga. Though they may be farther away, the atmosphere is better and there are fewer students so you will be more likely to get a table. Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Company is another prime option. They have both tables and a few comfy chairs. Make sure to bring your own coffee mug or tumbler so you can get your coffee at a discount.

Gainesville Nature Spots

When you need a break from studying inside all day at your student housing near UF, venture outside to see Gainesville’s beauty. On campus, you will find Lake Alice. It is a peaceful area with a few paths through the forest. Most likely you will see turtles and alligators in the water, especially when evening draws near. It is also home to the Baughman Center, which boasts stunning architecture, and where you may enter and have a moment to yourself. Afterward, cross the street and you will find the UF Bat Barn and Bat House. At sunset, hundreds of bats fly out all at once in search of food. It is quite a sight to see.

If you are looking for a bit of exercise, Gainesville offers many hiking paths. La Chua Trail is a particularly good option located in Paynes Prairie. This trail hosts a variety of wildlife including, alligators, wild horses, and even bison. La Chua Trail allows you to enjoy a bit of light exercise while encountering different animals.

Local Restaurants

Delicious food is definitely an important part of enjoying college life. While Gainesville is home to most of your favorite chain restaurants, it also hosts many unique places to eat. Take advantage of these and find your new favorite restaurant. Downtown Gainesville is full of prime dining locations and bars. Spend some time exploring the different shops and you will find delicious food at reasonable prices.

Haile Plantation offers a unique small-town charm. The beautiful gardens and cute squares will make you forget you are in Gainesville. The area’s appeal will make visiting its cafés and restaurants into an exciting experience. If you stop by on a Saturday, you will discover a weekly farmers market where you can purchase fresh ingredients and homemade products.

Student Guide To Gainesville, FL

Though relatively small, Gainesville has a variety of features to make your time at the University of Florida great. If you take advantage of them, your life will be easier and more enjoyable. It is important to study, but you also need to create memories that you will look back on fondly.

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