GainesvilleApartment Moving Checklist

Gainesville Apartment Moving Checklist

Before you begin your moving process, you will want to take some time to think through the process carefully and create a list of everything that needs to get done. Otherwise, you may forget important steps that must be completed. Once you finish each task you can cross it off to simultaneously ensure everything is accomplished and you can track your progress.

Choose a Moving Date

You will want to begin by picking which date is best for your big move to your new luxury student apartments in Gainesville. In order to pick the right one, you will want to consider the date you must move from your old apartment, your new apartment’s housing contract, your helpers and your movers’ availability. If possible, you will want to move in a couple days before or after the common move in date at your new complex if possible, to avoid major traffic.

Acquiring Boxes

The key to finding packing boxes is to begin looking early. The sooner you begin the better. If you wait too long, all of the other students who are also moving will have already taken them. Visit surrounding grocery stores and ask for extra boxes after they have stocked the shelves. Frequently, they will provide you with some for free. If you are unable to find any, you can also go to any hardware store where you can purchase some.

Tips for Effective Packing

The most important factor in a successful and stress free packing process is to begin early. Additionally, take advantage of your packing process to declutter and rid yourself of excess items. Over time, humans accumulate a large amount of possessions that really have no purpose but take up valuable space. Go through your clothing and donate anything that you no longer wear or like. The same is true for any other items you may have. Leave childhood memories and family heirlooms at your home. Though Gainesville apartments, such as The Retreat at Gainesville, have plenty of storage space, you should enjoy a fresh start.

Determine Layout of New Apartment

When you are touring your new UF housing, take time to take pictures and and measure the distance between walls and windows. Therefore, you will be able to figure out where each piece of furniture will go ahead of time without needing to rearrange them a million times. You can provide your movers with this blueprint and they can place your large pieces in the correct space to save you from any heavy lifting in the future. Further, you will be able to clearly see what pieces of furniture or decor you will need in your new space.

Communicate with Future Roommates

Before you make any final plans, contact your new roommates. If you are all attempting to move in on the same day, the process may be quite hectic. Therefore, it will be more beneficial if you stagger your move in times. Also take time to figure out who will live in which room so that when it is time to move in, your movers will be able to put all of your belongings directly into your individual space.

Setup Utilities

Before you move in, you will want to set up your water, internet, cable and electricity at your apartments near UF. If you already have an account, you will only need to transfer your account to your new apartment. Do not forget to shut off your utilities in your old apartment.

Compile List of Important Information

If you are new to Gainesville, you will want to make a list of important phone numbers you may need. It also may be helpful to print out directions for stores and services that you will frequently visit in case your internet is not set up at your new Gainesville student apartments yet.

Fill Out Inspection Sheet

Once you have access to your new apartment, the first thing you will want to do is carefully inspect for any damage and thoroughly document your findings. Make sure all of your appliances are working and there is no flaws in your paint, flooring, walls or windows. If there is, write them down so that when you move out at the end of the year, you will be able to prove that you did not cause the damage.

If you take all of these steps into consideration, you can have a successful moving process. Before you know it, you can begin enjoying your time at The Retreat at Gainesville whether you are lounging at the pool or studying in one of our study lounges.

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