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Choosing the Location of Your Next Student Apartment

No matter how much you like the inside of your UF housing, the location matters. It is one of the most important factors in finding the right fit for you. After all, who wants to constantly worry about their safety or be forced to sit through dull traffic every time you want to leave your apartment? No one does. That is why it is best to determine which location you desire before you begin touring apartments.

Commute to UF Campus

As a student, you will spend the majority of your time on campus for class, meetings for organizations you are a part of and study sessions. If you live far away from UF you will need to count the cost. It will take much more motivation to get out of bed on those rainy days or when you are running late. Plus, you will need to spend more time in your car or on the bus moving back and forth. However, some people enjoy this factor because they spend their daily bus rides catching up on last minute homework.


Unfortunately, every city has a bad part of town. An area in which you never feel quite safe and you are always on high alert. While this is an inevitable part of life, you should never have to live in an area in which you must quickly run inside from your car or worry about getting home too late. Therefore, be sure to find Gainesville student living that feels safe both at night and during the day time so your apartment feels more like home.


The feeling surrounding each Gainesville student housing option is different. Some are more alive and crowded with people while others are more laid back. In order to choose, you will need to determine what your lifestyle is like. Apartments near UF tend to have more foot traffic and surrounding restaurants. When you live in this area, you will be more likely to make new friends and explore cool shops. However, if you are someone who enjoys alone time, then it is best to live in a different area of Gainesville.

Living at The Retreat at Gainesville

If you live at The Retreat at Gainesville, you will enjoy the best of both worlds. These are the best apartments in Gainesville for UF students because we offer everything students could desire. We are located close to campus so that you can easily roll out of bed and get to class without worrying about being late. Because of its location, it is within walking distance of many stores and restaurants so you will never be bored. Further, we take your safety serious. We have security on-site so that you will always have assistance if you feel unsafe and electronic entry to rooms so no uninvited guests will enter your unit.

Live in the Best Area in Gainesville

When you are looking for student housing in Gainesville, FL, figure out which section in town you want first. Living close to campus offers many advantages that will help make your college experience that much easier. Tour The Retreat at Gainesville today to find the perfect apartment and location for you.

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