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Off Campus Apartment Budgeting

Budgeting Tips for Student Living

Many students don’t realize how many expenses they will have on a monthly basis when moving to college. As a student, you need to take into consideration unforeseen costs and allow leeway for any expenses that end up costing you more than expected. At The Retreat, a provider of luxury student apartments in Gainesville, FL, we want to bring up possible expenses that you might encounter and need to plan for, as well as offer you tips to save money. Contact us today for new student apartments near UF.

Apartment Expenses

The first thing to keep in mind when planning your budget is that rent will most likely not be your only apartment expense, especially when first moving in. Signing a lease often involves a deposit apart from your first rent payment, and other fees. Many complexes also charge an extra fee if you wish you have a parking space since parking in complexes is often limited and if you wish to have a pet in the apartment, so be sure to know the fee costs prior to signing. Stay aware of monthly utilities, even if utilities are included most apartment complexes have a cap for them. Apartment related expenses also spike up when moving out because most apartments require you to pay for a professional cleaning service and charge you for any damages that they may find. Also, keep in mind that even if your apartment comes furnished you will most likely end up buying other furniture, décor and supplies.

With so many expenses that will go towards your apartment, the way to make the most out of it is to find a complex that provides you with included amenities that are important to you. There are many student apartments Gainesville students can choose from with anything from 24-hour fitness centers and resort-style pools to high-speed internet and cable. Also, make an effort to conserve energy and water in your apartment in order to remain under the utilities cap and avoid paying more than you already do for rent.

Living Expenses

When living in off campus student housing Gainesville residents must be aware of all their living expenses that the university does not cover. For example, without on-campus living many students will need to find a method of transportation. Having a car to get to campus may seem convenient but gas expenses can add up, not to mention that UF requires you to pay for a parking permit each semester. Instead, try riding a bike or using public transportation. The busses that run through Gainesville are also a great way to save money when going out rather than paying or an Uber or Lyft, just be sure that you know the routes and their times. Since you probably won’t have a meal plan living off campus, rather than eating out often, plan out your meals throughout the week and purchase groceries with the ingredients that you need in mind. This will save you more money and ensure that you use the food you buy.

There are also many discount grocery stores in Gainesville perfect for staying on budget and weekly BOGO deals in stores like Publix. Also, plan for personal supplies and cleaning supplies when going to the grocery store such as soaps, shampoos, deodorant, toothpaste, toilet paper and cleaning products as many of these will have to be bought every once in awhile adding to your expenses. When creating your Gainesville student living budget, set aside money for your social life as well. You deserve to enjoy your time in college and you will need money when going out with friends for cover at clubs, bowling, the movies, eating out, etc. If you’re a UF student, UF provides many free social events and you can also get student discounts in certain places.

Luxury Student Apartments Near UF

If you’re careful when planning out your budget and play it smart by saving money on deals whenever you get the chance, you should be able to live comfortably with enough money left over for personal use. Contact The Retreat today for student housing Gainesville residents can feel meet all their living needs and wants.

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