Off Campus 4 Bedroom Apartments For Rent In Gainesville

4-Bedroom Apartments for Rent

If you are attending the University of Florida, you should know the challenges of finding, and living in, off campus 4 bedroom apartments for rent in Gainesville. Many of these 4 bedroom apartments for rent mean you may be living in older homes or duplexes. Because they are older, that can mean higher utility bills. There is certainly less privacy with many of your choices, and there may even be a bigger problem. The problem of who is responsible for the lease.

You see, some leases require one person be responsible for the entire lease, while others make all parties wholly responsible. College life is full of roommate nightmare stories where fellow residents have been left holding the bag for a roommate who quit school or simply quit paying their share. There are other stories of a single roommate causing an entire deposit to be lost because of damage they caused to their room. The more roommates, the more potential for issues.

Keep in mind that landlords are generally concerned with keeping their properties rented, ensuring rent is collected on time and in taking the steps to necessary keep themselves fully protected from any losses. They are generally not concerned about roommate issues or drama. This is why you need to be careful when there are multiple roommates involved, like when you are in search of 4 bedrooms apartments for rent in Gainesville.

Finding 4 Bedroom Apartments for Rent With Peace Of Mind

The good news is there are steps you can take to better protect yourself in these situations when you find 4 bedroom apartments for rent. The first is to make sure your roommates are as compatible as possible. This can be done through an apartment “roommate matching service”. This will not only help you save on rent costs by spreading expenses over more people, but it can potentially create a living situation where everyone gets along better. Let’s face it, however. Even putting four of the best of friends together in a small space can lead to problems.

The second step is to choose from 4 bedroom apartments for rent that offer enough space and privacy. If you are not all sharing bathrooms and have your own space, it can increase the odds for harmony. Finding 4 bedroom apartments for rent with 4 bathrooms and enough space in the Gainesville area could also be problematic.

Then there is still the issue of the lease. Ideally you would like to find an apartment where each roommate could sign their own lease, and be responsible for their own portion of the lease. An apartment where, if one roommate moves out, it doesn’t financially affect the others.

Welcome to the Retreat at Gainesville!

Opening in the Fall of 2016, The Retreat at Gainesville offers modern, student-focused, off campus living for University of Florida students. The Retreat addresses the challenges of finding 4 bedroom apartments for rent in the campus area.

The Retreat offers roommate matching services to help you find compatible people to live with and to share expenses. The Retreat goes a step further in making sure each resident is responsible for their own share of the lease. Each bedroom in our cottage and townhome-style apartments has its own private bath and walk-in closet. Units include their own full-size washer and dryer, stainless steel appliances, upgraded counter tops and more. This is true whether you choose a 2,3,4,5, or 6 bedroom floor plan.

To top it off, The Retreat at Gainesville features an unprecedented array of amenities like a resort-style pool, volleyball court, outdoor pavilion and generous green space. Our Clubhouse includes a state-of-the-art fitness center, coffee shop, game room, wide-screen TVs and study areas.

Contact the Retreat at Gainesville to find the best 4 bedroom apartments for rent and enjoy the security and serenity this new level of off campus living brings to the Gainesville, FL area.

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